History of video games

Now that Christmas is over and New Year is here, as a parent, gaming is a major thing for our kids. And lets face it, there were many of us that got our kids a new game system. So I plan to bring my experience on to you, and please..please share your experience as well. The more, the merrier. This is just one of many articles soon to come to help educate or raise awareness about gaming and game systems.

But before I go into gaming, lets first take a look at the history of video games. I found this video through time.com. I can remember when I was growing up, my first game system was an Atari. Poor frogger never made it across. Then there was the Nintendo, Sega and so on and most likely not in that order. Now we have X-box 360, Xbox one, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and so on. And lets face it, with every new game system, the graphics and technology gets better and better. I mean how awesome is it that you can stand in-front of the game and either dance or do certain moves to play a game. No controller needed. But seriously, I hate the kinect. It drives me crazy when my husband plays his x-box 360 and I have to hear everyone as he plays online. I went to get him a headset for Christmas, but boy did I wait to late. They were all sold out(still kicking myself).

But before we go into detail about the game systems and what little I know and what I think is important as a parent for other parents to know. Lets first off take a look at the history of video games.

History of video games part 1

History of video games part 2


2 thoughts on “History of video games

    1. thanks for posting this article..but believe me..I do not want to be a gaming expert. I just want to share as a mom with other parents. I do not know a whole lot when it comes to gaming, but as a mom with kids, I want to share concerns that parents should be aware of especially if they have kids that play online. But I appreciate the link..

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