Your kids and online play

Is your child being safe while on the internet and other online gaming console’s? As a parent, if you do not monitor your child’s activity, then you really should. As a mom I thought I was doing enough by monitoring my kids and making sure I had their user name and passwords for all their accounts. Later on I figured out, I actually wasn’t doing enough. Let me explain.

One night my husband was playing GTA 5 online on his xbox360 console. Out of the blue someone asked him where he lived. This red light went off and I started thinking, when my kids are playing online games like GTA 5, and other’s on their ps3, other people could be asking them the same question, and if they are, what are my kids telling them? This was a huge concern for me. Lets face it, it is an unsafe world out there and their are a lot of child predators out there. So I had a talk with my kids. I told my kids under no circumstances were they to tell anyone what city and state they lived in. I made it clear that if someone asked where they were from, to tell them they were from a totally different state or just say i’m not allowed to tell or something. Like I explained to them, there are people out there that will hurt kids. It’s a sad truth, but it’s a real threat. I’m not sure about you, but I would do anything to protect my kids, but let’s face it..we can’t always be everywhere all the time. so we have to do all we can to be sure we instill as much as we can in them to where they can protect them selves and stay safe. This includes being safe online. 

Then a couple weeks ago, my daughter who is in the 5th grade brought home a book about internet safety. It went over how a child predator can solicit online, and the misuse of digital images, threats and harassment, and other things. So as a parent I want to encourage you to talk to your children about online safety. If you are looking for more resources to talk with your child about online safety, you can visit the following link.


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