Mom’s fight for bathroom privacy

If your a mom, then you know the struggle of trying to use the bath room and being able to do so in piece. Let’s face it, once your a mom, even in the bathroom, you do not get that privacy. Even when the kids get older, you still get no privacy in the bathroom. If you have pets, they are just as bad as the kids.

My typical day..

If I try to go to the bathroom, I have to make sure the door is shut all the way. If not, the cat or our little Chihuahua will push on the door hard enough to make it open. Usually our Chihuahua will turn around and go back out once she opens the door, but the cat on the other hand use’s this opportunity to get attention. He jumps on my lap, or attacks my hand trying to get me to pet him.

Now if I do get the door shut all the way and I lock it, my kids have learned to unlock the door from the outside. So it gets unlocked and all I hear is Mommy.. If it’s not my kids unlocking the door from the outside, it’s my husband. But you can bet when he is in the bathroom, no one bothers him.

I remember talking to a friend about kids and bathroom privacy, but she was telling me that even as old as her and her brother were, when they were at her mom’s house, they still follow her to the bathroom or go in the bathroom while she is in the bathroom. So this makes me feel hopeless of ever getting the bathroom privacy that all mom’s deserve, but never get.


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